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Success Stories
When you know what you really want from life is is so much easier to achieve this goal. ... read more
My name is Svetlana I live in Kharkov and now we are planning a wedding with my beloved man ... read more
After half a year of communication on the site Rick with Catherine decided to meet. ... read more
How much happiness can bring the most unusual case tell my story. ... read more
A year ago, my girlfriend got a job as a translator at a marriage agency and suggested that I become a bride ... read more
2 years ago I experienced a divorce from my husband. I already thought that marital happiness was not for me ... read more
My dream was to have a big family, I myself grew up in a family where there were 5 children, and this is so cool! ... read more
Thousands of words have been told about search of love and relationship in mature age ... read more
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