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Success Stories
Many months past from our last conversation. I was so busy but don’t worry I am very very happy and as you asked I am here to tell you my story. ... read more
I was always afraid to be alone, this fear was present to me all my life, so it was with all the women of my family ... read more
How can people find their happiness? I have been asking myself this question for a long time. In the Internet! ... read more
You know, it is very difficult to find your happiness. When you're too kidding, and that's about me ... read more
We started to communicate, he is 16 years older than me, but the difference is not that I was not scared, but even pleased! ... read more
I met a man of my dreams in the mountains, under the rays of a bright sun and flickering snowflakes. We met in the correspondence ... read more
We met through a dating site! I do not understand how he could choose me! And I have always been different ... read more
I would have laughed if they told me that I would be the wife of an American! I was skeptical of such couples, and did not believe in the sincerity of feelings! ... read more
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