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How to meet bride from Kiev. Happy story about Kate and Mike

We want to tell you about happy story which was happened this year in Kiev:
"Hello everyone! 
My name is Kate and I want to share with you my interesting story of meeting a man from Netherlands called Mark.
We have begun our communication as many people here do - sending many letters, exchanging photos, telling about each other and getting to know each other better. I enjoyed our communication I felt we had much in common, Mark was a very interesting man, we had the same view on many things, I never felt bored with him. We wanted to meet and see whee it would lead us. I was really excited because I have never had such experience in my life. With the help of my agency we met in Kyiv. I wanted to show Mark my city, my country, my people, our sigh seeings. The most of all i liked the magic evening in a restaurant where me ate one dessert together...he feed me and i feel how he take care about me.
This is our story and it is nice we have had such experience, I hope our story will inspire others people to take a risk, make steps towards each other. It is always better to see a person in real life. 
With best wishes, Kate"


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