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Happy Story about Alan and  Maria, USA

Alan and  Maria, USA

What a wonderful, smilling couple. They  met   each  other  in Ukraine, but before they have met on dating site.

After his arrival we found out that  he  was  just tourist   who wanted  to  find a real love, but did not believe in virtual relations.  

Maria: He  wrote me   just few   words   about   his  life  and  goals  and  i  just  understood, he was the man of my dream. But it is difficult to  believe only words, i asked to prove all he said.

So he showed me photos from his life, daily routine,  his job and photos of relatives, step by step he stayed only one man on the site for me. 

Alan had never told me anything about romantic relations, about  love or marriage. No, it was just  good and frienly communication. For me it was an attention from a very  attractive and interesting man.

I was a septical woman. Love via internet? ha-ha, let's try!- i said.

So I asked  him  to come  to se me!  ohh  and  he  made  it, he  bought tickets and came. It was too fast, but he was a man of the Word.

Everything was perfect on our first meeting. I was   in  perfect   dress,  he was  in  jeans  and  shirt, as i remember. 

With the help of agency, we   had an interpreter on our meeting. I  remember how i  have been feelling nervous all evening. 

It was fast, I even cannot  recall all detailes. Enough about us. People,  please, have faith and wait!

thanks to site, to  agency, they gave  us  chance for perfect   life  in love.

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