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Does love happen at a distance? Even as it happens!

We both didn’t believe in correspondence relations, but both registered on the dating website to try it, it might work out!

My name is Alla, and my beloved is Stephen, and our relationship began in the chat! Steve wrote something funny, I don’t even remember exactly what, but men with a sense of humor have always been my favorites! We started to communicate, and that's how teenagers we corresponded for hours, and all the time I ran from work to the computer to check email, if Steve had not sent me a letter!

Somewhere in a month of our communication, I invited Steve to Odessa! Summer, the sea, it was for both of us a great opportunity to relax and get to know live! Steve arrived for 2 weeks, we probably went around the whole city, visited all the beaches of the city, it was a really great vacation! but unfortunately he went home! I did not think that I would miss so much! I watched joint photos, he called me every day, and I couldn’t even imagine when we would see each other again!

Steve loves to make surprises, and imagine my surprise when on Saturday morning I asked and sat in the kitchen, and the doorbell rang me! I did not wait for the guests, but I just jumped with happiness when I saw him in the doorway! He came to me again! just 4 days! but arrived!

Another half year, we met when Stephen flew to me! and then he said “Enough, Alla, it's time for you to move with me.” It was scary, but I decided!

Now we live with him in Sweden, and I can’t imagine how I could live if I hadn’t met him!

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