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Story about Me and my prince from America

Once, each of us hopes that his happiness will find him! And my happiness found me hundreds of kilometers away! Could I have thought that the man from America would become my prince? Of course not!

Karl and I met by correspondence on the date site, once I saw an advertisement for an agency that offered acquaintance with a foreigner, and I, as a reckless person, decided why not?

I applied to the agency, and they took my beautiful photos, compiled my bride's profile, and I appeared in the virtual world! I believed in luck, that was the feeling that everything will work out!

It all started with the fact that I wrote the first letter to Carl! He had only 3 profile photos, but he seemed to me a good man, and intuition did not let me down! The more letters I received from him, the more I became convinced of his decency and my interest flared up!

At some point we started talking to the video, then he called me, we spoke on duty, and that very moment of the meeting came!

Karl flew to Kiev, and I arrived there. You know, it was a very romantic evening, we went to a restaurant, spoke and laughed, and at some point Karl got out a ring! I was shocked, I didn’t know how to react! We know so little. But the heart suggested that it was not a hindrance! And I'm so glad that fate brought us together! Now I am truly happy and believe that it is forever.

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