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We want to share Happy Story story! From Lviv to Dallas

We want to share our story!

It all started with my letter to John, when I saw his profile on the Find-bride.com, I immediately felt something related. Therefore, I decided to write my own poem, I did not know whether he would appreciate it. I work in Lviv, in the publishing house of children's literature, and I have a great love for reading!

John answered me in 2 days, I didn’t even wait for his answer. He wrote that he liked my poems very much, he is a romantic and also loves literature! As it turned out, John in America has a business that is close to my business! he has a small bookstore in Dallas!

After 3 weeks of correspondence, John said that he wanted to see me, I was worried, but of course I was waiting for this meeting!

The first date was held at the hotel restaurant where John stayed. I went there to have breakfast together, but we had so much in common that we simply could not just go our separate ways! We walked all day in the city, smiled, made photos! it was late at night when john took me home!

We had a wonderful 6 days in Lviv, and John had to get back to work! I didn’t even know when I would see him next time. But not so long we were not around! after 2 weeks, John said that after a couple of months, his brother's wedding, and he wants me to be with him and meet his family! We began to prepare documents for my visit.

At the wedding, I was very worried, but his family turned out to be very sweet, everyone treated me as their own. I met John's daughter. I can say that this trip opened my eyes that John was the man I dreamed about!

Now we are together, and now we are planning a wedding!

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