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Unusual story about Alyona and Nick

Hello! My name is Alyona, I live in Kharkov, and soon I will pack a suitcase and leave for another country.

And this story began terribly stupid! I, on the advice of my girlfriend, who got married and went to Norway, decided to try my luck on a dating site too! I posted my profile, and waited for a man to find me. Time passed and nothing happened! I already thought that I was hoping for success in vain. And some day, a man wrote to me, and I didn’t really know English, answered him with mistakes, and she wrote that she wanted his woman not to be stupid! I got so angry, it was the last drop! I deleted my profile and wrote the last angry letter to the man!

I have already forgotten about this situation, as the agency contacted me in which was my profile! They said that some man very strongly asks to contact me! I was extremely surprised, but for some reason I agreed! And so, after 2 weeks they called me and said that a man came to Kharkov, and was waiting for me in a restaurant! I gathered, I was terribly interesting! And imagine my surprise when I came in and saw the very man from whom I deleted my profile! He stood with flowers and apologized. I was shocked, he said that that day he had a terrible mood, and I just fell under his hot hand! And when he realized that he had offended me and went to apologize. My profile has disappeared from the site! And he did everything to achieve a dialogue with me!

It was all so strange, but since then we have not parted! Now I am preparing documents for the move! That's how it happens in life, from hate to love as they say one step.

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