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Happy love story Elena and Ali, England

Hello! My name is Elena, and my beloved name is Ali. We met on a dating site 2 years ago. Ali is from England, I am from Poltava, thousands of kilometers separate us, but love brought our continents together in one letter! I honestly did not believe in such stories, I thought it was just some kind of fabrications and fairy tales. As I always dreamed about a man not from Ukraine, it seemed to me that it was impossible to make such an acquaintance without going abroad. I got to the site on the advice of a friend, and did not regret it! Ali also dreamed of a wife from Ukraine, so our desires coincided.

Our relationship began with a good friendship, we could talk about everything, our first meeting was like a meeting of friends who have known each other for millions of years! We just chatted about everything. Ali came to Kiev for work for 3 days, and I could not miss such an opportunity to meet in person, took and bought a ticket to Kiev, now we both understand how well that fate brought us together, his work and my adventurism!

We had a great time, there was some sort of chemistry between us .. and he left! and only when I spent it, I felt such a void ... I realized that this is my English prince and we should be together! I filed a passport for registration on the same day, Ali did not know about it. It took a lot of time to complete all the documents. And after half a year, we constantly talked and Ali himself insisted on my arrival, I packed up my suitcase and flew off to my prince.

Now my home is here in England, with Ali. We live together with his son and dog, to say that we are happy? No, we are extremely happy! Our wedding is scheduled for next year, Now we are thinking about a joint child! You need to believe in a fairy tale, and she will come!

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