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Romantic video story about Olya and David

Hello! My name is Olya and I want to tell you my romantic story. I have always had a biased attitude towards dating sites. It seemed that there are people who are not able to start a relationship in real life. But then I noticed that I myself did not meet in real life with new people. Work, home, meetings with old friends ... Well, is not it in public transport to start a conversation?
Therefore, I decided to try my luck on the dating site. About a week later, empty correspondence began to communicate with one person. Communication began immediately. His name was David.... And onr day i understood that i fall in love.... One morning I received a letter saying that he is in Ukraine. Oh my God!!!  I could not believe my happiness ...I had dreamed of our meeting for so long and had become furious as a schoolgirl at that very moment. I think who was fall in love will understand me. Just imagine for a second that your other half is calling you and saying that he is on your doorstep. I instantly gathered and we went to a chic restaurant. It was the best date, thanks to my dear for a fabulous evening under the snowfall. Thanks to  site and my agency for making my dream come true

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