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Happy story about Katya and Andre 

Hello. My name is Katya. And I cant wait to share my story with everyone . Not long time  ago I became the wife of a wonderful man Andrea. 

For a really long time I was trying to find a love here in Ukraine  . But there are was no luck for me . The same question followed me: «Why im still alone?» and  every night i couldn't fall asleep because i can't stop thinking about  what is wrong with me.  I got a lot of advices about  dating websites and I decided to try using one . Then  I didn’t know  that i just took an important step towards a happy life. For the first time  I just flipped through profiles in the hope that I would see a man in whom I would be interested, whose interests would be similar to mine and the goals that we pursue would be the same. The miracle did not happen and I almost gave up with the dream of being happy. 

I remember very well that day when I  was sitting in a café, opened the laptop to check my mail, and then I was invited to chat. I received absolutely not a typical and funny message from a man whose smile on photo did not allow me  to take my  eyes off . Andrea  was terribly courteous, forthright and incredible Talkative. 

The time difference was big enough between us, but I always looked forward to the opportunity to talk with Andrea. One day I received a letter from him in which he sent me a photo of his ticket to Ukraine. I was incredibly happy, I could not believe that its really  happening and started tenderly preparing  for the meeting. 

Our first date  was wonderful, I can’t say that I fell in love with Andrea at first sight, but he definitely took a piece of my heart from me. My life before him was so simple  and  when he left, my life returned to its former place, I was devastated without his presence, and I decided that this could not continue any further. I wrote him a letter that I am ready to completely change my life, that for his sake I want  to go anywhere and forever. Andrea came back to pick me up and since then I can say for sure that I am the happiest woman on this planet.

I can say with confidence that this is a man of my life, and I am grateful to the fate and this site that helped us get happiness

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