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Story about Tatyana and Billy from Chicago, USA

Hello everyone. My name is Tatyana and finally I have my own love-story to tell.

Signing up on a dating site was idea of mine. I wasn’t sure that I will find a  love there but I wanted at least to try. 

Every day,exhausted  and sad, I returned  from work to a lonely apartment where no one is waiting for  me. And only one thing was able to cheer me up – communicating with some one who one day could be man of my life.

I cant call this story romantic or fab. This story about two person from two distant countries but with high hopes of  happy life. 

His name is Billy. And he is the most courageous, kind-hearted and sagacious man I ever known . And now I proud to say  that I am his future wife . 

Our online chat did not last longer than 3 months. He found out everything about me and I got enough information to understand how good he is . and thanks to his determination, our meeting took place much earlier than I even  could imagine.

Communication on the Internet never promises a hundred percent guarantee that a person will be exactly the same in real life. Life has prepared us many surprises, and in the early stages of our communication, we did not like each other.))  But we continued to see each other every day, walk around the city and enjoy the taste of national Ukrainian cuisine. 

On the 4th day of our meetings, I realized that I never want to let him go. The first impression was wrong and I fell in love with the differences that were not shown in online communication.

When you leave to your beloved man for the sake of your happiness, this brings a special pleasure. 

I had nothing to hold me here, and without hesitation I agreed to go with him. I wish everyone here find a love and finally become  happy.

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