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Happy Story about Khristina and Dave from London

Do you know that there are people who can penetrate the heart forever? Dave is just such a man!
We met 1.5 years ago, it was all like teenagers: correspondence, photos, calls, it was all very romantic! And I always wanted to spend more time with him, but unfortunately his work allowed him to see each other for a whole week in half a year!
I understood that it is difficult to build relationships with such a pace. But my soul could not let him go!
It is difficult to understand how to be with a beloved man at a distance, but I always thawed when I saw him, receiving each of his letters! It's incredible to know that your loved one is far away, but hope has always helped wait!
I was burned in a relationship more than once, well, I just had no luck with them ((and here Dave, he is sensual, kind, loves children, animals ... we are like two parts of one whole!
And I made an important decision, I left my job in Ukraine and moved to his place in London!
Unknown city, everything is so new! But Dave made me feel at home. Now our family is one, and we think about children, I hope that soon there will be one more beautiful baby in the world!
Miracles happen where you do not expect them at all!

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