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Happy story about Alan и Svetlana from USA

Hello, my name is Svetlana

Im not that kind of person who likes to talk about  personal life. And I sure that everyone heard this sentence  «Happiness loves silence».

But today im  here to tell that love is everywhere  and its so possible to find it even if you two live so far away from each other. 

So here is our story . About me from Ukraine and about my beloved man Alan from USA.

Nowadays , we spend most of our time online. The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. But for some reason I did not dare to search for my love on the Internet for a long time.

Lately, I realized that this is the most convenient and successful option for me, moreover I have always liked to communicate with people from different countries.  

And first person I communicated with was Alan. We had been talking with him absolutely about everything . We had no time difference so we talk all day long. 

His straightforwardness, sincerity, and mannerly  attracted me. I have never meet such a strong-minded person before. So  if I wasn’t able talk to him  for some reason – time is lost.  

I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer, I took the initiative, bought a plane ticket and a week later he met me at the airport. I wanted to make a surprise and warned him in just one day.

We had an amazing time. In reality, I liked him even more. I was sure that with such a man I want to live my whole life.

 I really did not want to leave, but the weekend was over and it was time to return to rutine in Ukraine where is my work was waiting for me . 

My life was divided into parts: before and after. I missed him…

A week after my arrival, I received a message with the text: "Pack your things, I'm coming after you."  I was incredibly happy and scared at the same time. But I was ready to leave everything for Alan . And you know what? we have been together for over a year now and i'm extremely happy.

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