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Happy story Kate and Rick! 

It happened on the site, Rick first wrote a letter to Kate. 
When Kate opened his profile, she didn’t like Rick at first. 
An ordinary modest American man, very restrained in emotions, sometimes it seemed that Rick was shy. 
Kate decided to talk with Rick for a while and see how he would care. 
And she was not mistaken. Rick was very cultured, and his letters were very sensual. 
It turned out that Rick was engaged in photography, and his work could be the pride of any magazine. 
And Kate was a budding Ukrainian artist who had already organized several exhibitions. 
But not only art united them. 
Both Rick and Kate loved to spend their free time on nature trips. 
Over time, Kate noticed. that she is more and more attracted to Rick. 
After three months of communication on the site, the couple decided that they should meet. For the first meeting, Rick chose Odessa, he understood that Kate did not have a US visa and money for the air-raids, so he flew to Ukraine. 
Kate really enjoyed this caring attitude. It became clear that Rick was serious about their relationship and was ready to take care of Kate. 
The meeting took place in May, the couple had a wonderful time. 
Now Rick and Kate have a new stage of relations, the stage of getting to know each other better. What will this story lead in the future, we will soon find out.

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