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Story about happy meeting. Video interview

A couple of years ago, a strange situation happened to me. I was going home, it was winter, it was already dark, and near the bus stop I saw an old woman, she was crying and trembling very much! I went up to ask if she needed help! It turned out that a bag of money and a mobile phone had been stolen from her, and she could not get home! I called her a taxi, and while we were waiting for the car, she looked at me and said, your fate is not here, you will live far beyond the ocean!
I then thought that she was just joking. Put her in the car and went home. A lot of time has passed since that incident, I already forgot about it, and somehow fate took me to a dating site, there I met him, we talked, everything was great, and somehow he proposed to meet.
And one fine day, he sent me a letter. Where the headline was - I'm waiting for you across the ocean! And then I remembered that woman, her words! And then I decided to meet! He arrived, and I did not regret it for a second! That woman was right! I found my destiny just over the ocean!

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