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Happy story that began on April, 7th

Hi, I want to tell you about my happy day!

This is April 7th day! This day was a day I know! My best friend married a boy from Norway, we walked at her Wedding, I saw how happy she was! And she persuaded me to register on the site! That evening, I made a plan! I found an agency and website, they helped me to take beautiful photos, to compose a bride's profile and the first letter to me!

And so, I began my search! Say what was easy? Not! Many men who wrote did not suit me, I did not suit many! And so, in the morning before work, I went to the site to check the mail, and saw a letter from a handsome man, he wrote that I probably dreamed of him, that he definitely saw me in a dream, he knows that I am his destiny! And our correspondence was just magical!

And you know, I believe in signs! How can you not believe in them! When I registered on the site, I marked this day for myself as the beginning of a new life, and Chris was born on April 7! I do not know if this is stupid, but I believe that this is fate!

And one more incredible! We met for the first time on the 7th, not April, of course, but the 777 brought us happiness! And you know, now we go get married! We have almost planned the wedding! And of course, it will be the 7th!

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