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Happy Story about Lisa and Nicholas

Hello! Believe in predictions? And now I believe!

A couple of years ago, my friend and I went to the clairvoyant so that she would predict the future! And so, to me, an ordinary girl from Nikolaev, she predicted that I would marry a man from another country, with dark hair and kind heart! I have never been interested in foreign men, and there were no such acquaintances! I thought she was a charlatan and laughed away!

And my friend just worked as a translator on one of the dating sites, and somewhere in half a year she suggested that I take part in a photo session and post a profile! Well, just for good luck! I did so, she helped me translate the letter into English, and sent it! In general, after a month, that friend was a translator on our date with Nicholas, I knew at a glance that this was the dark-haired man with a kind heart that was destined to me by fate!

Now I am doing fine without a translator, I live with my beloved man in another country! Mystic? I do not think! This is destiny!

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