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We met on a dating site last fall!

Hello! I believe in miracles and love at first sight!

We met on a dating site last fall! And since then my life has changed dramatically, I don’t know why I didn’t believe in love between countries before! I have never been interested in such sites, I always thought that these fairy tales about Cinderella are not possible in life, and now it has become real in my life!

Our correspondence immediately became some kind of warm, real one, he wrote a lot about himself, showed me a collection of his stamps, his house, and even hung my photo in his room wall! I thought that this does not happen! So quickly do not come feelings! But when he first flew to me, at the airport I realized that I had waited for him all my life! We celebrated New Year's Eve together with Ukraine, I introduced him to my parents, everything was so fast that I was afraid that it was a dream and I would wake up now!

No, this is not a dream! This is a fairy tale in which I have been living for a year, and I hope that it will never end

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