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My name is Vika. And I'm a winner. And my main victory is my family!

Hello from Denmark!

My name is Vika. And I'm a winner. And my main victory is my family!

Daniel and me met on the site, it was an easy chat in a chat about anything! But then we talked for about an hour. He saw me, I saw him, and it was so cool, he just sat at home in the morning, in a T-shirt with a cup of coffee!

Then he showed me his house. Talked about your life! And this man was able to win me! I'm actually very jealous. And I was constantly worried that he could communicate on the site with someone else. In my past life, I do not trust men at all!

We talked for a very long time on the site, about 5 months, I understood that these conversations can never go beyond the site! But Daniel bought me a ticket, he said that he was waiting for me in Denmark and did not want to listen to the refusal! And I did not resist! I just decided to take a chance and packed up!

I saw how he lives, and I was like his own in his house. Back in Ukraine, I already went with a ring on my finger, our relationship developed rapidly! After 3 weeks, I went to him at all, to prepare for the wedding!

We called my parents and friends. Our wedding was in Denmark, and this is the most incredible tale that could happen to me!

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