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Our story with the best ending! More precisely, this is just the beginning!

Patrick and I met in 2014, I worked at a school in Kharkov, he lived in Holland and worked as an insurance manager! We met in correspondence on the dating site, he once wrote to me in a letter “hello wife” I then laughed, I somehow did not take men seriously from the site, and did not believe until the end that I could become a foreigner's wife.

But we communicated, corresponded for a long time, then talked on the video link, and after 5 months, Patrick first flew to Kiev. I took a vacation and we had a great time, I looked at him with different eyes! I saw that he is serious, and wants to continue to communicate!

After another 3 months, he offered to spend a vacation in Egypt together. I certainly agreed, everything was fabulous, we, the red sea, palm trees .. I didn’t want it to end!

I returned home, and my family always wanted to meet him, but somehow I was afraid of it, it turned out to be nothing!

Patrick returned to Kharkov a month later, he did not plan this visit, and was taken aback! when I met him at the airport, he was right there at the airport to make me an offer! People clapped to us, it was so unusual! But he said that I should introduce him to my family. I wanted to go to him, and we went to my parents!

The acquaintance went well, the only request from the mother is to make a wedding in Ukraine!

We will do it, in half a year we got married, we had a wonderful wedding and a great honeymoon. And now we live together in Leiden!

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