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Happy Story about Maximilian and Svetlana, USA

Hello everyone, after so many years I  finally decided to  share my little but happy story with you. I do believe that happiness lives in silence, so I had no even thoughts to tell anyone about my search.

But If my eample can help single ladies to feel more brave, powerfull and safe, so I am ready. You should know that I was obsessed  about getting married. I did not tell anyone about online dating.

Noone to tell, honestly, I do not have any close relatives, so that is why it was not difficult to leave Ukraine. But back to me. My obsession did not let me live, you know, like in movies, Only thoughts i had- about man, about family, marriage etc.

Silly  me, but I had real plan how all should be. How I can look on my wedding and what I put in honeymoney suit. Oh, I am laughing right now, but in past it was my  tragedy.

Life  can give us all we expect, but it teaches us  something as well. And when I met my man, Max was a shy man,no talks about anything serious, but step  by step i started to ask him  different questions and  as I remember he did not ask me, but he answered only.

I became a leader in relations. We have met after 8 months of communication. Thanks to everyone who had been with us to help.

My silent man was a gift for me, and I was  so happy when he agreed to come and stay  with me for 2 weeks. Our romance was fast, we decided to relocate to USA very quickly. A lot of papers, calls, talks, holidays and i have arrived ... To make my dreams come true with so wonderful loyal man.

Right now I can see my situaion from an other angle, and it was real gift to him to meet me. If he decided to talk to other women or woman,  may be online talk just was online.

Kiss from USA, Svetlana and Max


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