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Happy Story about Nastya and Edward

Hello! My name is Nastya, and I fell in love with the best man! How did this happen?

We met in a video chat! Yes, yes, I just sat on a dating site, and turned on my camera! Then I noticed that some man is looking at me. It was very exciting, I didn’t feel clever and I was blushing! Then he wrote to me that I was his angel, and he would not let me go. I thought that all this chat was not serious, we talked that evening at 3 hour, I think we talked about everything, we had so much in common, I didn’t even think that there are such men on the site!

I never looked for a rich man! It seemed to me that they treat women like dolls, and I did not want to become one of them! And then Edward wrote that he works as a manager in a small company in America! I was delighted. But at the same time, I understood that it would be difficult! After all, the flight from America to Ukraine is not small money. I can not afford it, and he too can hardly! But to my great surprise, we met in a couple of month! I had a birthday, I was planning to go with friends to a cafe, was already painting and preparing to go out, as Edward called me! I did not understand at first what the number was! We usually spoke on the phone from his American number! He said that he has a small gift for me! And I must go down to the door! when I came out I just could not believe my eyes! Edward was standing near my house, holding a huge bunch of white roses! and a box of gold ribbon!

At that moment I was shocked! I just did not expect and was very happy! Then I canceled the trip with my friends, we had dinner at the restaurant and walked around the city for a long time!

And in that box were the keys to his apartment! He said that he had never met such a woman! And he wants his house to be mine!

Now we are together and I use his gift every day when I come back and open the door to OUR house)

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