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How to find love if you're over 40 y.o.

My name is Christina, I am 42, and I found the best man on earth! I can tell you how to find the very best!
A couple of years ago, a girl wrote to me in social networks that she suggested that I place a form on the dating website. I was surprised to hear about this for the first time, I was never interested in online dating, did not respond to Messages in social networks, it seemed to me that it was impossible to find a good man on the Internet, I am one of those girls who are used to dating in real life! But that girl told me that the site had opened, and many good men are looking for Ukrainian brides! For the sake of curiosity, it became interesting to place a questionnaire there, just to communicate with people from different countries, learn new faces, and improve the level of English! And now, on the first day, I received many letters, and among them was one that I immediately singled out! There were beautiful poems, and a photo of a man with a rose. I have always loved romantics. But they are often met in the cinema, but in my life I did not come across such! And here he is, from me in thousands of clinometers, and so romantic. He wrote poems to me often, even ordered delivery of flowers to Ukraine. In general, he won my heart. And I myself invited him to my city. He came, and since then our relationship has moved to a new level! I now know for sure that I will never let him go! Beloved men are not met twice.

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