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The art of love of Natalia and her partner Sam

Hi, my name is Natasha and I will now share my happiness.
Last year, I got on a plane with one big suitcase and changed my life drastically. How? I met a man who did everything to make me happy.
A couple of years ago I went to English classes, I always wanted to know a foreign language! And in our group there was a Girl who learned the language in order to move to another country! She met a guy on a dating site. And now she wants to leave Ukraine. She often talked about their relationship, we listened simply with our mouths open! The love of this couple could be taken as a plot for the movie. In general, I was inspired there by this story that I decided to also try to register. Even if it comes out I will tighten the level of the language.
But to my surprise, I met Sam after 3 weeks when I got to the site! A wonderful man, a professor at the university, funny and smart! It seemed that such men should have already stood in line of women! In our country it would be so! But there women more want a career than a family!
In the correspondence, we understood that we really like each other. He came to me for the first time for a couple of days, then for a week, and then he just asked me to go with him! I agreed without hesitation! I am one of those women who are ready for any action for the sake of love! And here I am with a suitcase standing at the airport. And in another country, the man of my dreams is waiting for me! That's how my desire to study brought me to my future husband

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