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Hello to everyone who may read this letter of finding love

Hello to everyone on Find Bride who may read this letter of finding love. My name is Glenn and I am an Australian man who has been alone for many years. I did not think I would enjoy the permanent company of a woman ever again after my relationship breakdown. I was wrong!

I caught a story on our 60 Minutes program about this company Find-Bride. I did not think about it much after but met a gentleman who had a friend that has found his love after visiting Ukraine

through this site.

I decided to look on the site and discovered what it was all about. I then registered as a member

looking for love. Over the last 10 months I have chatted and swapped letters with many ladies and

they have all been charming. One lady in particular had sent me a few letters but I did not reply to

her because I judged her on face value which was a big mistake. She is beautiful, young and I

thought why would she be wishing to chat with an older very ordinary man like me. She was very

persistent until I decided to acknowledge her and give her the courtesy of a reply.

This decision has been the greatest and most pleasing I have ever made in my life. We chatted for a couple of months before I decided to ask her if she would like to meet me. To my delight she agreed.

Natalia is from Donetsk so I could not travel to meet her there so we decided Kiev would be the

place for us to meet. I arrived at the Hotel Ukraine to meet her and don’t mind saying I was very

nervous. I waited in the Lobby and after many hours she arrived with her lovely chaperone and

translator. As soon as our eyes met, I had a smile from ear to ear and so did she. We walked towards each other and embraced and that was the start of our journey. That night she insisted we go on our first date even though she had travelled over 12 hours in a MiniBus. We went to a lovely restaurant and sat in a romantic booth at the back. Even with a translator we instantly connected and were joking and laughing with each other. Natalia has basic English skills but it did not create an obstacle in our communication. Our translator commented that she was very surprised at how quickly we became comfortable with each other. I was relaxed and enjoying the night.

We spent seven magnificent days together visiting different places of interest and historical

significance. Every day we became closer and there was never a pause or awkward silence between us. I had never met a more charming, intelligent and beautiful lady in my life, I was smitten with her and fell in love with Natalia then and there in Kiev.

After my return home we have contacted each other on a daily basis and continued the connection.

We have had some difficult times with culture and translation but that is expected and we have got over any issues together or with the great help of Elena our friend and translator. Our next meeting will be next year when we travel together to Odessa. This is where I will ask her a very special question and hopefully she will say yes.

So, in closing I would just like to say that finding love here is possible if you don’t allow any

preconceptions or judgements cloud your thinking. Do not listen to the negativity sprouted by

people who listen to gossip and hearsay. I have found my love and bride and I am very happy.

Good Luck


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