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The first anniversary of Adam and Marina

Soon there will be the first anniversary of our love with Adam! We are not married yet, but this is not the main thing! We are together. We are happy, and this is the meaning and purpose!
Everything happened 2 years ago. We met corny on a dating site! I have been there for quite some time, and was slightly disappointed! There were many men, many dialogs and letters, but I did not have that spark with which I would understand that I need this man! But the story with Adam was completely different! We somehow were on the same wavelength. Our dialogs could last for hours, we talked about everything! Therefore, at the meeting, I had a feeling that this is a long time familiar and dear to me man! During such fascinating conversations, we did not notice how 8 months of our correspondence passed! And then he decided for himself that he wants to get away personally! Of course, I supported this idea!
They came to me, we had a great time and then I realized that this man stole my heart!
And after 2 months I moved to live with him! And now, for almost a year now, here in his house, we will celebrate our first anniversary and I hope that there will be many more of our anniversaries!
Only having met my man did I understand what a tuning feminine happiness is!

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