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Tale from France. Lubov and Jean

Many men invited me on a date, even I'm afraid to try to count them! And I always did not like the first date, these awkward compliments, self-talk with obvious exaggeration, embarrassment and often complete disappointment!
Therefore, for so long I did not dare to meet with Jean! I was so scared to destroy that beautiful image that was with me every day in correspondence, a man who knows how to make a woman happy for thousands of kilometers!
We met 11 months ago, our conversations were full! We talked about everything in the world. They told each other about past relationships, about work and friends, we could even raise a very controversial topic and we had no reason to argue that this man seemed just perfect, he is like my second I duplicate my inner thoughts and thoughts!
I told my parents and friends about Jean. I was not afraid to hear the conviction that he was a foreigner, I did not care! But the main fear of the first date was with me constantly! And now, after 11 months, we finally decided to meet!
I was worried like I was a schoolgirl! It seemed to me that I would just die of fear when I was waiting for him at the reception of the hotel where he settled! But when I turned around and saw a satisfying man with a huge bouquet of roses, I realized that this date would be wonderful!

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