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Valentina and Smith. Beauty is not only external but also internal

When I learned the first letter from Smith, I thought he was crazy!
Not often a woman receives a letter of a million characters, I thought it was some kind of joke! I probably read it for 40 minutes! It was just a book in which a man unfamiliar to me simply turned his soul inside out, and the further I read this letter, the more I wanted to know its ending!
When I reached the end, it was written there that the sequel would be tomorrow. I waited tomorrow, read his letter again for half an hour, and waited again. Such a strange format of communication frightened me a little, and it offended me that he did not ask at all about me.
It turned out that Smith had been watching me for a long time, read my profile and looked at the photo, and he wanted me to see his soul. As she says, "you are too beautiful for me," but he does not know that for me in a man the beauty is only of soul and thoughts! And probably we are like two halves of one whole, our expectations have come true and we are happy that the site helped us find each other

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