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Lena, Gary and their story

Hi, my name is Lena, and my future husband is Gary, and I still do not believe that everything happened in my life. We met on a dating site, for me at the beginning it was just something new and interesting, I did not believe that any man thousands of kilometers away could take me and come!
We met Gary a year ago, in correspondence we could spend the whole night, this was the man I wanted to talk to! Well-read, interesting, with a great sense of humor! At first, I was a little embarrassed by the age , but she erased after a couple of days of our conversation! A man who is young in soul is what I was looking for!
After 3 months of communication, both of us were eager to see each other, but I did not dare to invite him to come, but he didn’t offer, after half a year I already stopped believing that he would come sometime! I thought it was just a novel in correspondence and no more, and now after 7 months of our acquaintance, he said that he wanted to see me in real life! Of course I agreed.
It was such a warm meeting, as if we were family people or close friends. In the first meeting, we realized that we are very well together, and we want to continue! A couple of months we talked in correspondence, then Gary suggested I move to him and become his wife.
I am very happy that the site gave me such a wonderful person

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