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Sveta waits Eli from Colorado

Our story with Eli began quite normally, we met on the site, but there was one feature in it, I did not pay attention to it! I was interested at that time completely different men! I was looking for some kind of super husband, with broad shoulders and a white wide smile, who will live somewhere in Italy by the sea and we will walk along the beach in the evenings.
And Eli, this is a fair-haired man with a light gray hair, wearing glasses, he has a dog and a small house in Colorado. And I enjoyed talking with him, but promised him only friendship. And he accepted my conditions, we just corresponded with him.
After 3 months, we were so close that we discussed all topics, consulted on dates, discussed men and women, we were like a good couple of old friends. After half a year, I just wanted us to live in the same city and meet to talk, he became the person whom I trusted everything!
And so, somehow he sent a letter that he was flying to Kiev to meet some girl, and since I also live here, he would like to see me! Of course I agreed.
When he flew in, I met him and he had an incredible bouquet of white roses in his hands, and a bunch of gifts, we had a great time! I showed him the city, we had dinner and walked along the promenade until dawn ... and I got that I feel something stronger than friendship for him!
But it turned out he deceived me about the girl, he flew to me, and I am very grateful to him for that deception! Perhaps in correspondence I would never understand that I love him!


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