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Happy story about a couple from different countries


We found each other several years ago, we were like a friends,  was very nice to know each other and chatting together, step by step we understood that we would like to meet each other and just spend time together. It was very nice. But we live in different countries, and both of us understood that it is not easy to move or to be a couple when you are so far.. After time we understood, that miles between us not important if we both want to be with each other and we interesting to be together and spent time together, in a life or with a help of the site.  Feelings is something what you cannot describe, you cannot say why you decided to do it, you just feel that you are happy and when both have the same feeling nothing is important around like miles, language or something else. We are happy ! And wish you all to find the same feeling, so simple and so strong. 

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