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Valeria and William find each other

My name is Valeria, I never thought that a man like William would appear in my life!
I was already married, my marriage failed miserably, and then I definitely realized that I wanted a man older! I saw how my ex-husband wanted to get acquainted, have fun, he needed emotions and girls and not family.
in my environment there was not a single suitable person, and, in principle, in Ukraine it is not so easy to find a worthy man!
Search hello me on the date site! Then I knew for sure that I could find a good man!
And after 2 months I found him! His profile immediately chained me! Kind, smart, with a sense of humor! He suited me by all my criteria.
And for half a year we were already so close ... I realized that it was no coincidence that I got to this site!
Now we are happy. He is the perfect man! Yes, he is older, and I'm just incredibly happy about it! He understands me, and I want to always be there and take care!

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