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Jeremy and Ksenia. Everyone has a chance

When I saw his profile, I immediately thought “I have no chance.” Such a charismatic man with a wonderful smile and sparkling eyes definitely has a lot of female fans here. But to my surprise, he answered me when I wrote to him in the chat. I was very surprised. At first it seemed to me that it would be difficult to find a common language with him. He looked like a man from the cover of the magazine. But he turned out to be a very simple person. And he did not even imagine how beautiful he was. Of course, my heart could not resist the spell of Jeremy for a long time. I felt something special for him. I understood that this was the very man whom I had dreamed all my life. But I was afraid to be the first to admit it. Therefore, I made all sorts of small hints. It seems to me that one day he was just tired of waiting and offered me to marry him. We did not have a date yet, but he was ready to join my life. I was in shock. But this shock was pleasant. He promised me at the wedding that my life will be full of miracles. As long as he keeps his promise

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