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Yuliya dream about Harry

I always thought that I would meet my husband in my country! We will go on dates, drink coffee, and our relationship will just become strong and we will get married.
But time passed, and I was only disappointed in men, did not see anything worthy.
This led me to the site! The first time, and there I did not see any prospects! There were conversations with men, but I did not see myself as someone's wife!
And then, I met Harry, and it's probably like lightning! He immediately wrote in a letter that he did not want to be here for a long time, he did not want millions of letters! He needs a wife, true Love, and the mother of his children! And I realized that here it is, the approach of which I always waited!
Our conversations did not last long, we always spent 6 months on the site before the meeting! And our every conversation was about our future! We dreamed, thought, planned! And I probably knew then that I only want to be with him! And I waited for him to be able to come, when he bought tickets and called with him.
Now we are happy, we fulfilled almost all our dreams that we talked about when we were still on the site

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