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Story about Daile and Svetlana

It was in Kiev. After meeting we found each other by eyes from the first sight. I was not sure is my Svetlana was serious, as I was 22 years elder than her. I thought she just wanted to be kind with me). Next day, all day I thought about her, and was very sad that didn't asked for her phone number. But ! I remember that she is Svetlana, how old she is, and from where ) SO, I start to search  her on a site, found thousands ladies with the same information... after several hours I found profile with a blue eyes lady, I understood that those eyes are what I found yesterday in a party. How happy and afraid I was in the same time... Happy that found, and afraid if she even not remember who I am.. After time, I decided to try, and write to her, she answered and was happy that I found her , ladies likes when men do like man ) So, I asked her to come to a date with me, we spent a greatest day, we were with translator, but believe me, we were so close, it is something what you can feel. Next day we had a meeting with her mom, and son. She wanted it, I even didn't thought she would like to show old guy to her mom haha)) After that day I understood that it is serous from her side, and she is not playing with me. I thought all the time as she is very young for me). We spend a nice week together, than I went to New York, and understood that sun is not yellow, and sky is not blue without her... I invited her to Rome, and in a few days we spent another great week in Italy, and we both understood that we cannot without each other. We are in very good relation with her mom and son. We play with him in Lego, and Svetlana learn English very quick ). Now we work with her visa for USA.
Guys, it really happened with me, and I am very happy!
Believe in love and do not be afraid to make steps ! 
Daile and Svetlana
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