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Jamal and Alla and their fear of dating online

If I ever doubt something, it’s definitely not about coming to the site!
I am a skeptic; for me, dating on the Internet is alien. I used to go on dates, in general the usual and banal kind of relationship!
Unfortunately, maybe fortunately. I never met that person with whom dates would end with a wedding and family, and it was my way to create a profile!
Everything was so complicated at first, I was as if invisible on the site, did not receive letters. I didn’t speak with anyone! It was difficult for me to cross this barrier! And then I received my first letter. It was from Jamal! He wrote how fascinated by my photos, he made so many compliments that I just could not contain a smile! So we began to get to know each other! I was very interested in his life, and he is like a man! But it was hard to imagine how we would get to life from the Internet! It was just fantastic! And I began to regard this as a novel that will never become real!
It has been 9 months already, as we said here, and both did not dare to meet!
And then one day he just sent a letter that he would be in Ukraine in 2 weeks! And I realized that everything can change dramatically! And so it happened! Glad the meeting was even better than I imagined! Since then we have been together, and I never want to part anymore

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