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John and Sveta, love does not have no barriers

John and i met 1.5 years ago, and our relations there developed rapidly, I still can’t believe that they began with one word ...
A couple of years ago, after a divorce, I realized that I definitely want to marry a man not from my country! And searches led me to a dating site! Then I created a profile, and waited for the penalty to be found by the man of my dreams!
But I found him, and after as much as half a year!
We somehow coincided right away, we have a lot in common, interests, tastes, and it was very easy and understandable!
Within a few months I knew everything about him, and he is about me!
During this time we saw 4 times, but that was enough for me to understand that he is my man!
I want to live a life with him, this is the rare case when I definitely see that I want to grow old with him, and be always there

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